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A one-on-one pleasure trip into the wilderness to experience nature in a fun and relaxing way. Escape from the every day work world into another world of quiet, peace and reflection.

If you have ever wanted to go off into the wilderness by yourself but are hesitant, here is your chance to experience what it is like to be alone with nature with no human noise-making, no voices invading your ears and no groups of individuals to invade your eyes - just you and the peace and quiet of the wilderness.
We hike from 5-10 miles a day depending on where we will camp. We take time to enjoy what we are seeing. To try to get away from people on the trail, we take off during the week when most people are working (doesn't always work), and also we go - rain, sun or snow.

On our winter hikes, we share a tent and stove. On spring, summer and fall hikes, you will go self-contained as this is your lone experience, your time to be by yourself, doing your own thing. So you are responsible for your own cooking. Whenever possible, we will set up camp at a distance from each other. Often, though, there isn't a big enough place for more than one tent; that is why we go with small one-person tents. This way, if there is only one spot for a tent, then we put our small tents side by side, taking up no more room than a two person tent would take.

Because this is a trip to experience nature and have an enjoyable time being part of it, we will at times "stay over" an extra day.

We can read a book, drink tea/coffee, day dream, meditate, lounge around in our hammocks, take little walks, take pictures, write notes, be one with the scenery -- drinking it in with our eyes and at times experiencing tightness in the chest and throat, for such beauty in this wonderful wilderness that no words can express -- or just putz Starsaround camp with no anxiety to have to pack and rush to get off on a seven mile hike that day. This is what being in the wilderness is all about - to have a whole day surrounded by birdsong, tinkling of water (if nearby), cricketsong, frogsong, rustling of animal movements, maybe the hoot of an owl, if we are so lucky, rustling of leaves talking in the breeze or at times total silence - such peace! You can hear the silence and there is nothing like it - this you will never experience at home surrounded by humanity. The silence of the wilderness - whether total quiet or the soft sounds of nature's being.

It cleanses the soul, heart and mind. This is why we escape. To get away from the pollution of human noise and the pollution of human structures. So if you have ever wanted to get away from it all and be on your own, here is your chance to learn how.

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