Wilderness Escape

A Spiritual Learning Experience








Must be in good medical/physical shape.
21 years or older
Able to be by yourself quietly and entertain yourself.
NO's - cellular phone, radio, CD player, electronic toys, in other words - nothing to cause human-made noise (camera and binoculars ok).


The first day we will put you up in a hotel near my home if you live a distance from us. Check-in time will be between 8:00-9:00 a.m. This will give us time for an equipment check and time to pack and prepare and ask questions. Also time to run around and get equipment if something is missing. This day we will also practice using the stove and putting up your tent. We leave at 3:30 a.m. in the morning so we get to the trail ready to hike by 8:00/8:30. Times may vary depending on which trail we hike. We also get an early start on the trail. Up at light, pack, eat and off within two hours. Early start - early stop and time to putz around camp and enjoy nature, drink coffee, read in hammock, etc.

$130/day - paid six weeks ahead.

Cancellation: 4 weeks and less = 50% refund
over 4 weeks = 75% refund

Because of the time, effort and planning that goes into organizing each trip, only 75% at the most can be refunded. If for any reason you can't handle it and want to leave early, there will be no refund of the difference.

Please read and sign the following agreement.

I understand that hiking and camping in the wilderness involves risks of injuries from minor to serious. These injuries can involve sprained ligaments, broken bones, permanent disability and death. These injuries can result from the actions or inactions of the participants or others, or the conditions of the weather, or the type of environment hiked in. I understand that I am responsible for my own life, actions or inactions and realize that the guide is not infallible. I take full responsibility for these risks and for the losses and damages resulting from these injuries. I waiver all rights to sue the coordinator and all other participants, friends, or family from any and all liability to myself or my heirs or my family and waiver all rights to have others sue in my behalf for any and all claims, losses or damages caused by the action or inaction of the coordinator, participants or others.

I agree to and accept the above conditions.

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