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Latest News

Maya Cole announces her boutique on E-Bay.

Lynn celebrated her 90th birthday in August 2006. The party only lasted for about 4 days, but was great fun nevertheless. Jack had a shorter 2 day party for his 90th in January 2005.

As of 13 February 2002

Not sure about what to take camping or where to go? Visit Leslie Cole's web site for information about a guided Wilderness Escape.

Jack Cole's second book was released on 26 April 2001. Richard and Sabina, published by XLibris is about Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand, who led remarkable lives witnessing to their Christian faith.  Jack's first book, Wandering Voices, is available by making a donation to Scotia Dance and Music Publishers.  Both are available from and Barnes and Noble.

The Barnes and Noble web site lists the following statement from the Publisher.
Richard and Sabina is a biography of the Reverend Richard Wurmbrand and his wife Sabina. Romanian Jews, converted to Christianity, they suffered under the Nazis and then under the Communists. They migrated to the United States, preached about the evils of Communism throughout the world, and founded The Voice of the Martyrs, an organization to give aid to those persecuted for their Christian faith.

Author Biography: In 1989 the author retired from the practice of family medicine but not from life. He studied creative writing at Northampton Community College and published several articles in magazines. In December, 1999 Mellen Poetry Press published his Wandering Voices, a collection of verse. Richard and Sabina is his second book, a work of love consuming five years.

To read a fuller description and an excerpt from the book, follow this link to the XLibris web site review.

And on the web site
The author, Jack Cole , January 25, 2000
Wandering Voices is exactly that - wandering.
This book has something for every taste-politics, Peace Corps experience, humanity, nature, comments and laments, sex, family, mishmash - take your choice or enjoy all, the latter recommended.

Author Biography

Jack Cole grew up in Matamoras, a small town on the Delaware River in northeast Pennsylvania. His father was a freight conductor on the Erie Railroad. Many other family members also worked for the railroad.

He attended Penn State University for his undergraduate degree and the University of Pennsylvania for his MD. He entered the US Army after internship and ended up in the European Theatre. Wounded in Normandy during the Battle of the Hedgerows, he is a Purple Heart recipient. He entered private practice as a General Practioner in his home town, Matamoras, PA and then moved to the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania where he was on staff at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. After four years he opened a private practice in Bethlehem.

While still in medical school, Jack married a medical technologist. He and Lynn started a family, eventually producing eight children -- 5 boys and 3 girls. Because Jack always wanted a baseball team, they adopted a ninth child while serving in India with the Peace Corps.

In 1968 he was accepted as a staff physician for the Peace Corps. In August of that year Jack, Lynn, five of the children and the family dog left for Afghanistan for a two year posting. They lived in Kabul and traveled extensively throughout the country tending to the health of the Peace Corps volunteers. Next was Swaziland for one year, where Jack split his time between a government hospital and the volunteers. Then on to New Delhi for two years in India, again responsible only for keeping the volunteers healthy.

After returning to the USA, Jack again resumed practice in Bethlehem. He and Lynn often traveled to New York to attend the opera and the ballet. In 1989 Jack "retired from the practice of family medicine but not from life". He began a career as a writer. His first book, a collection of verse, includes snippets and impressions of life from each of these areas, thus giving rise to the title Wandering Voices.

His second book, Richard and Sabina, recounts the lives of Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand. Romanian Jews who converted to Christianity prior to World War II, the Wurmbrands suffered and were imprisoned under the hands of the Nazis and then the Communists. They lost most of their families in the Holocaust.

Jack met Richard and Sabina through his son Chris and Chris' intended. Maya is a Romanian woman that the Wurmbrands considered to be like a daughter. Richard performed the wedding for Chris and Maya. Jack met with Richard and Sabina many times over the five year period spent writing the book.

Jack has written and published many other poems and short pieces that have appeared in various reviews and journals. You may read more about him and about Lynn in the Fall 1999 issue of the Northampton Community College Magazine. Their pictures and one of his poems are on the cover. The article about them is in pdf format, requiring the Adobe Acrobat Reader. It discusses their life in Afghanistan, Swaziland and India where Lynn assisted Mother Teresa in a leper colony. The article starts on page 26 of the magazine, which displays as page 15 in the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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